Gaunts Community Open Camping Month

Community Camping 7-31st August

Gaunts House welcomes you to an our community camping month.  We are offering an affordable chance to come from anywhere from 2 days up to three weeks to relax, be with the land and enjoy the space and peace.

Community Camping Activity Week

We are sourcing some meaningful, creative activities that you will be welcome to join (or not) during this activity week.  We will post shortly the activities that will be on offer, suitable for adults, children & families together. You can choose from 2-7 nights to suit.

Gaunts Reunion

Gaunts House Re-Union – A Moment to Pause. You are invited to join us for a simple, gentle, reflective weekend 4-6th August 2023.  Our program includes great speakers, ‘Conversations, thought provoking sessions, stunning music & more.  It’s an opportunity to be at Gaunts again, have space to slow down, connect with friends and delight in our program.  

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