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MAY 2-7th 2024

Who is Vernon Frost?

Vernon is a world-renowned healer, meditator and teacher in the field of esoterics, and metaphysics.

His innate psychic gift as a telepath and clairvoyant coupled with his ability to ‘see’ and ‘read’ energy, allows Vernon to follow your thought patterns, see your negative beliefs and release them from your subconscious.

Vernon is unorthodox and approachable, relevant and humorous. He’s a breath of fresh air!  He has a unique and accessible approach to healing that has assisted thousands of people across the world to transform their lives. From Cape Town, South Africa, Vernon travels extensively internationally working with Fortune 500 corporate leaders, to truck drivers and shelf packers, from beginners to advanced, everyone is more than welcome.

Vernon holds diplomas and a degree in Esoteric Sciences and Healing from the World Development of Human Resources in Australia, and certification in clinical hypno-therapy from the American Council of Hypnotherapists.


The Big Freezone

30May – 2 June 24

Discover the Essence of Conscious Living

Welcome to The Big Freezone – a unique gathering where mindfulness meets celebration, and where every beat and brushstroke is in tune with a higher purpose. Immerse yourself in an oasis of positive vibes, personal growth, and community connection. The Big Freezone is a tapestry of music and wellness, interwoven with eco-conscious practices and a commitment to social responsibility.



August 23-26th 2024

Join this magical family-friendly, retreat-style yoga and sacred arts festival at the stunning Gaunts House in Dorset this August. Together we are raising funds to support children in Sri Lanka, Brasil, India & the U.K. while enjoying heavenly kirtan, divine yoga classes, delicious food and being part of a community of Love.
One Heart ~ One Love ~ All One
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Heart Of Living Yoga