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For more than a generation, we have provided an environment for personal development, education, information and training, nourishment, rejuvenation & joy.


Gaunts is a peaceful place where like-minded people come together to share their vision, knowledge, talents, skills and wisdom to evolve more perfect lives individually and together towards a more harmonious universal community.

After 35 years of learning, experience and growth, we are developing programs through 2023 in light of the current climate to see in what ways Gaunts can continue to be an inspirational educational centre, providing courses, retreats and events.


We offer & host courses, interest groups and events that align with Gaunt’s vision and philosophy.

We invite you to come and visit us, and feel the space for yourself.  The land, trees and environment act as a container for beautiful experiences.

In the Heart of Gaunts

Gaunts is, and has always been, a Retreat for discovering the Truth in ourselves, 

and for Getting Real through a process of choice usually involving a personal path of Ruthless Honesty 

before exploring our spirituality individually and together.  

We follow no Creed, no single doctrine, open to all.  

We encourage individual seeking and progress via meetings, meditation/contemplation, 

‘Conversations’, walks on the land and in nature, contribution to the whole, and so on.

The Gaunts House Charter

The Charter at Gaunts acts as a foundation through which we live and work together.  It summarises what we try to give the highest value to.  Each who come there though, are free to find their own way within these grounding principles.



To provide an environment for personal development, education, information and training,

refreshment, rejuvenation and joy; where like-minded people may come together to share

their vision, knowledge, talents, skills and wisdom to evolve more perfect lives individually and

together towards a more perfect universal community.

The environment will encourage an awareness of, and a striving towards, that personal and

all-embracing, spiritual peace, light, love, energy, and bliss in and from which all truth,

meaning, creation and beauty exist and flow. In this essence of life and growth are found the

understandings and freedom which all people seek; and from this essence springs fulfilment,

harmony, balance, content and happiness, eternally and for all.

The environment will be so created as to encourage a tacit, social sensitivity, where each

person is welcome free of prejudice; where individuals and families are conspicuously

associated by a sense of awareness, caring and concern, rather than by any contemporary,

social yardstick, wealth, creed, nationality, or background. No single religion, philosophy,

party-political cant nor dogma of any kind will be adopted by the community. English shall be

the first language; communication, mutual understanding shall be the first endeavour.

The environment will enjoy an open, calm, joyful, healthy and secure atmosphere such that

visitors may feel inspired to seek their inner self and their own path to follow; may come to

realise soul in its unity and infinity and the shades of ego and its illusions; may gain an

understanding of God universal and within; may seek to perceive the true self in their fellows

and in all things, the better to evolve and communicate, to give and to receive, generally and

particularly; where each may grow in certainty and confidence, better able to transcend the

challenges and vicissitudes of life; to live and rejoice in that stream of brilliance, vital energy

and bliss that we know as love.

The environment will be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Buildings, gardens, grounds

and facilities will be well maintained. New buildings and improvements will be light, unobtrusive

and well designed and will blend with the existing buildings and surroundings.

There will be no single spiritual, nor academic authoritative figure; though people may

volunteer or be selected to represent, from time to time, any aspect of life, philosophy, arts,

creativity, academia or administration. The ever-evolving Gaunts House community1 will meet

together, as like-minded people, to organise and to run the life of the community as they deem

appropriate within these aims. The community meetings will ensure that the spirit of these aims

is maintained in everyday life; those whatever facilities and opportunities are needed are

provided, as they become possible.

A smaller, self-electing Management Group2 will meet to take decisions on any aspect of the

community, management, staff, visitors, and property, that it deems appropriate or that the

community meeting requests. The Management Group will have the power of instruction and

veto in all things concerning the administration, direction and evolution of the community and

activities and business at Gaunts House.

Gaunts House will provide an environment where may be found the essential elements of

creative and cooperative well-being for evolution, fulfilment, freedom and bliss; where the

practical elements of life follow from a well-founded, spiritual basis; where an understanding

of the essential oneness of life and existence at every level may be perceived and welcomed

for the benefit of mankind.


Through 2024

Our future is planned as:

An educational centre for ‘sensitive’  group courses,

and for a sustainable Food Culture,

A refuge for the weary,

A home for locals and live-in Volunteers from all over.

“It felt like coming home. I have never been more at peace. I can’t wait to return. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Jackie Buchanan

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