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A Time to Rest, Reflect & Re-emerge

A Weekend Break

Planning a Personal Retreat

Designing Longer Stays

You will find both solitude or the beauty of a local small towns in the heart of the Dorset countryside.  Our Estate has a lake, extensive woodland and beautiful grounds.

The house at Gaunts exudes a certain majesty conducive for an inner space of reflection and contemplation.  The years and years of these activities here have  become part of the fabric of the place.

We are open to guests seeking longer periods of time to stay, whether it’s a reflective transitional period or time out to complete a project.  The quietude at Gaunts can support inner clarity.

From April 2023
we will be offering Personal Retreats.

There are a number of ways you can plan a retreat with us.  Whether you are looking for a quiet weekend to recharge, or a deeper dive into self-reflection and re-orientation, we are here to support you.  

We are undergoing repairs and redecoration from a cold and challenging winter of breaking pipes, leaks and damage.  We are using the new year to freshen up the stable block area and plan to offer this from April onwards.

Planning Your Personal Retreat

Please contact us.  We can provide rooms, cottages, and self-catering. 

Learn, Grow, Support & Share

Creating and learning about the inner and outer world

The Art & Intelligence of Taking Time Out

It takes a particular kind of readiness to want to choose a particular kind of rest and reflection that isn’t just another way to busy ourselves. Taking time out is essential.  It’s in the ‘spaces in-between’ that  subtle depths can reveal themselves.

At Gaunts we offer guidance and support in designing your own retreat should you wish it.

The space at Gaunts is ideal for reflection, listening to the birds, drawing and painting, editing your manuscript, walking, contemplation and meditation. conversations if you look for that, and more.  Should you feel to connect with nature in a creative way, we have opportunities to help in the Garden during your stay to give you a way to connect deeper with the land and environment.

We are developing a comprehensive Volunteer program which will base itself on Self Enquiry and Reflective processes.

If you would like to talk further, please drop us an e-mail, or ‘phone us’.  We look forward to talking with you.