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Welcoming Your Events at Gaunts House

Here at Gaunts we have the capacity to host groups large and small, enough workshop spaces, and bedrooms in the house and stable-block, plus camping, to welcome most events.  There are exclusive use options available, and discounted prices on larger groups.  

As well as having your own retreat workshop room, there are various shared areas around the main house and grounds.  These include the Drawing Room and Old Hall, Dining Room, Bar, Gardens, huge woodland grounds, swimming pool and much besides.

From Group Retreats to Concerts

We have the space, beauty and facilities to host your event whether a day conference, small festival, retreat group or seminar.  On our facilities page you will get a good idea of our main rooms, accommodation and the scale of the place.  If you are a festival enquiry please let us know here.


Sun beams shine through trees in a foggy countryside pasture. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons
We look forward to seeing you
A Place to Rest, Recharge & Learn

Determing your EVENT size

Once you have determined what size your group/course will be, we can discuss the best place to host you.  Each house booking comes with one of our workshop rooms.  The Barn Theatre is our largest workshop space, the Ball Room our most elegant, the Library our most peaceful, and the squash court, a satellite space in the stable block.  Small to medium festivals can have their own event fields slightly away from the house.  Day courses can hire different facilities including our stunning ‘Round House’.


Numbers:  12-30 People

Workshop Space:  One Workshop Room

One  Free Tutor.

Medium Groups

Numbers:  31-65 People

Workshop Space:  One Workshop Room

Two Free Tutors.

Large Groups

Numbers:  66+

Workshop Space:  One Workshop Room

Three Free Tutors. 

What to do next

Contact Us
Fill in the 'Enquiry Form' below, e-mail, or phone. We will look at your requirements, check availability and send you our booking forms
Meet Us
We will then arrange a time to meet. This will preferably be face to face but could be on-line via zoom if more appropriate.
Book Your Dates
If happy, we can secure the dates, & start the process of building your event. We have easy on-line forms to make the process seamless.
Getting Ready
We will stay in touch with each other to update numbers, dietary requirements, and prepare the place to meet the events needs.
E-mail or Phone
Getting to know each other
Deposit and Secure Date
Group Details

Initial Enquiry Form

Please fill in the ‘Initial Enquiry Form’ after which we will send you our rates, and booking form. From there, should you wish to continue, we would love to meet with you and get to know you better.  


Groups can arrive from 3.30pm onwards on arrival day, not later then 6pm and leave by 3.30pm on the departure day. 


Meals are vegetarian.  Gaunts has a beautiful walled garden in which we try to grow as much as we can to support our community, groups and courses.  We offer different menu options and can work with you to produce an ideal meal plan to align with the nature of your group.  We can provide for Vegans and special diets.  Fish and fowl are options which cost a little extra.

Breakfast from 0800 to 0930

Lunch 1pm-2pm

Supper at 6.30pm


The majority of our rooms are situated in the main house on the 1st and 2nd floors.  The first floor rooms are elegant, mostly en-suite and spacious. Our second floor rooms are simpler and can sleep up to 30 people.  We have more rooms in the Stable Block, a short walk from the main house.

In the evening the doors are locked at 10.00pm.  There is a back door and gates with a code lock that can be shared with your participants.  Extensions can be arranged.

If tutors / group leaders arrange and arrive before lunch on the day prior to their course starting, we give them that early settling-in day, freely.

Gaunts is Mobile (cell) ‘Phone Free. No Mobile/Cell ‘Phones; no exceptions.  Guest Cell ‘Phones may be kept in cars or bedrooms.  An offender will be asked to ‘pay a forfeit’ of the discoverer’s choice, then and there.

Guest Laptops may be used in Bedrooms and in the Dining Room between meals. 

WiFi: code to be found in the welcome room.