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Volunteering at Gaunts

Gaunts has long encouraged Volunteers to join our endeavours, to enjoy the ambience, facilities and surroundings, and to contribute to the life here as part of our extended family.  Volunteers are welcomed here as Guests.  

We provide an own room, excellent vegetarian food, regular meditation, some tuition, and a supportive and nurturing environment.  We offer placements for up to 12 Residential Volunteers in winter, and 18 in summer.

Summer 1993

How to Apply

All Volunteers complete a Gaunts Application Form in the normal way. Resident Volunteers come for an interview, in advance, which may be held on line.
We will contact you to arrange a phone / zoom meeting to have a chat about your application, skills and what you are looking for in being with us.
Arrange your Stay
If it seems like the match will work for all parties, we will be able to offer a position. There is an initial trial period of two weeks. Stays could be extended.
Fill in the forms below
Arrange an Interview
Working out logistics

Being a Volunteer

We offer Volunteers time and space for reaching towards a better understanding of the essential elements of life, profound inner learning and personal development, to nurture harmony and right relationship in oneself and in all one meets. It is our intention to circulate Volunteers around different creative and practical departments so that they may gain a varied experience and outlook.

Words from the Volunteers


What do you do day to day? 
“I carry out a variety of tasks around both the house and garden. Recently I have been planting seeds and preparing the flower and vegetable beds for this years growing season. I also like working with the housekeeping team to make sure that rooms are clean, tidy and well maintained for guests. There is a great variety and choice of work to do at Gaunts and from this I have gained new knowledge and skills.” 

How has gaunts helped you on your journey?
“Volunteering here has provided me with the time, space and freedom necessary for deep reflection and contemplative thought. I like to walk the grounds and spend time in nature, which helps me to feel more connected to all of life. Conversations with good-hearted people, in a unique and intentional space, have also helped me in a profound way.”


Art from Becca


Volunteers start in the gardens, grounds, and woods before graduating to the Welcome Room to learn the ropes, then being farmed-out to different departments around the campus and broad acres of Gaunts Estate, so they may contribute and gain a varied experience of life.  There may be opportunities to gain new skills and abilities while you are with us. 

All Volunteers are encouraged to join in Gaunts activities and social occasions.  Part of the Volunteer programme is to attend two Volunteer meetings a week, one logistical, the other to look a little deeper into Life, Love, and the Universe.  Teatime and evening events may be available for all Gaunts residents – see whiteboard in the passage.  From time to time, invitations may arise for Volunteers to join in formal courses, freely.

Resident Volunteers provide their services for up to 25 hours a week being five hours a day, for five days, including breaks, under the direction & supervision of our teams.  Additionally, all Volunteers will be asked to assist with random tasks and Pantry Duty when groups are ‘in’, for up to another 5 hours a week.  Volunteers may be asked to help out in other areas of our work in and around Gaunts House when needed, and are expected to assist willingly.

Although no financial reward is given by the Gaunts during a Volunteer’s stay, Volunteers may work additional hours on a Gaunts Estate enterprise if and when such an opportunity and invitation arises, when they will be paid from that source at the going rate appropriate to them.  Volunteers may not work off the estate while they are staying at Gaunts.

We acceptVolunteers from age 18 years

‘Resident Volunteers’

come to stay for one month, or longer.  Minimum and maximum stays are at Gaunts’ discretion.  Following a constant review of your stay, you may, or may not, be offered an extension, or alternative.   

Local volunteers can come by the day by pre-arrangement and join us for lunch.  Volunteer work can be in the Gardens, Woods, Kitchen, or wherever.  Locals join the Volunteer programme freely.

Local Volunteers wishing to stay overnight may only do so by special arrangement in advance.


Application Form

Thank you for your application. We hope you have a wonderful, insightful and nourishing time with us