Gaunts House Re-Union.

You are invited to join us for a Gaunts Re-Union weekend 4-6th August 2023.  (arrivals from 10am on the 4th and closing 4pm on Sunday.

Its a chance to be here again on this beautiful land, to share, to dance, to Be and remember the beautiful simplicity this life can be. 

This reunion will not be on the scale of the summer gathering.  We are planning ‘Family Camps’ a ‘Beyond the Trees’ festival and a number of things for 2024.

This program will be very  simple and spacious,  with a few speakers, conversations, thought provoking sessions & musicians. 

The Re-Union will also launch our ‘Gaunts Community Family Camping Month,’ where we are offering families the chance to come and go, camp & enjoy the space.  More Soon on this. 


As our program forms we will announce the flows of the day, artists and events.


Book a Room in the House

Please call 01202 841522 to book a room for the two night event.  Prices vary according to single, shared, double or en-suite rooms.

We will allocate the rooms on a first come basis.

Please see price list below.

Camping Tickets

Teens Tickets

KIDS Tickets

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