The ancient concept of illusion has itself become illusory.  The science-cum-hi-tech movie, using money as its life-blood, obsesses politicians and public alike; the realm of philosophical and spiritual thought and feeling touted nowadays as illusory.  And it is this very material outlook that has amazed and blinded western populations for a century or three, to the extent that modern religions (of the last circa 2,500 years) have been found wanting, and/or used to propagandize the unwary into military uniforms for vastly destructive and cruel actions.  And it is the pursuit of this wicked, grand-scale illusion that has obsessed generations of egoic wealth cum status cum power-brokers, broadly degrading life on planet Earth, its air, water courses, soil, forests, natural species, humans too, and so on, destroying so much of Life and Love.  

Failures of family care and nurture, and near-total failures in educational notions and practices have produced rootless ‘authorities’ chasing quasi-orthodox fantasies based on crazy industrial ‘economies’, in particular the military-industrial complexes that lie at the heart of western ‘economies’.  

Commercialism loves a growing population : the more people there are, the greater the prospect of ‘making money’ : the greater the competition and corruption; the greater the pillaging of Earth’s natural resources; the larger the militaries; a self-nourishing madness that only destroys widely and deeply. 

Que faire ?

As any child will tell you, it is addiction to the notion of money and material gain that lies at the root of adult madness.  One can imagine that millenniums ago simple metallic (or other) coinage represented a creative and generally sensible means of exchange.  Modern, digitalized fiat currencies, automatically exchanging themselves in nano-seconds, in corrupt societies, do not, cannot fit the bill; tend to minimize human life experience, to constrain ‘Life, Love and the Universe’ [1] . 

As planet Earth and its inhabitants face increasing wildfires, flooding, widespread pollutions, melting glaciers and polar ice, terrible warfare, increasing wealth-gaps, mass poverties, hunger and homelessness, hopelessly inadequate governances inflict ever-increasing improper ‘controls’ on ever-greyer populations beset with mental-health issues.  We lurch towards inevitable disaster; most likely a conjunction of colliding breakdowns, or a drift into global conflict [2], or some form of natural ‘Correction’.

If such observations are commonplace, solutions appear elusive, as the madness has overtaken Life, globally.  We may imagine that survivors of the ‘Correction’, when they have time from ensuring their families’ and mini-communities’ raw survival, will seek to reconnect with Real Meanings, found in essential feelings of ‘Life, Love and the Universe’, in meaningful spirituality, based in ruthless honesty and openness, in Love and Care, in the essence of Life and Love.   

It is this same that the Good People of Gaunts have pursued these last 35 odd years, and continue to.  You may like to read our Charter.

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[1]  The Institute of International Finance calculated Global Debt in June 2023 at $307 trillion, the highest ever.

[2]  Generally, speaking, the world’s public accept that the Gazean Hamas are Terrorists, said to be in the ISIS mould, as they indiscriminately mutilated and murdered Jewish women, children, old and young, and festival participants, taking around 150 Israeli civilians as hostages, in their three day wanton rampage into Israel on and after Saturday October 7th.  Hamas terrorists are seen as an extremist wing of the same political party that was elected in Gaza in 2006.  However, it must be recognised that the large majority of Gazean Palestinian inhabitants are young, peaceful citizens, suffering under the interminable 15 year-long Israeli blockade of Gaza, and are not part of the Hamas war on Israel.  Thus, the renewed Israeli bombardment of Gaza, and imminent ground, air and sea invasion, which is declared will be the total eradication of Hamas, (Netanyahu), that everyone remaining in northern Gaza, old and young, is likely to suffer extreme prejudice.  “We’ll turn Gaza to dust”, (Jewish soldier), and dust it has become from Israeli bombardment. 

The ’Jewish National Homeland’ issue has troubled the world for a hundred years or so, since before the informal ‘Balfour Declaration’ in 1917 supporting “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people . . .  It being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil or religious rights of non-Jewish communities in Palestine . . .”.   For as long as anyone knows, Jewish people have been widely despised the world over, one can only imagine from individual personal experience.  Presently, there are large Public Protests in favour of the Palestinians in many large cities the world over, embarrassing to Western Nations, who refuse to support the beleaguered Arab Palestinians in the Levant, their natural homeland, (unlike the United Nations and the rest of the world who largely support them), constantly repeating the misleading mantra that ‘Israel has a right to defend itself’.  However, Israel has chosen to desecrate the Palestinian people, their rights and property, improperly and illegally since its brutal occupation of the West Bank following the 1967 Six Day War, ignoring endless UN edicts; and desecrating Gaza and its people too.  As a plumber told me yesterday, “It’s God’s fault for choosing them as his people”. 

At the time of writing, Hezbollah, mainly in Lebanon, are escalating as yet minor offensives across Israel’s northern border, and Iran has threatened retaliation if the US takes an active part.  (The US has sent two carrier groups to the eastern Med; and UK a smaller naval contingent, in support of Israel).  If Israel exceeds any reasonable exercise in Gaza, and if Hezbollah escalates its offensive in the North, the world can expect a hideous multi-nation conflict.

Our life and times sit on a knife edge.

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