The Almighties considered that the central problem on Earth was Human Inadequacy.  At root was the devil of human self-interest; envy, fear and greed promoting corruption and wrong relationships, and the misuse of money and material goods.  The source of that confusion was wrong spiritual foundation, wrong culture, wrong education, and stunted parenting through generations.  Religions were seen to have been a mixed blessing, all too often being linked to politics and ‘wealth’, too often to have been the cause of bitter conflict – human inadequacy.

  Humans tend to put their heads in the sand imagining that nothing too awful is going to happen for the foreseeable future, and they tend to see themselves as individually powerless to do much to make a difference without prejudicing their lifestyles, ambitions, hopes and dreams.  For many Earth creatures, living and surviving is more or less it.  They follow a conscious procession of life from birth through death, ‘flowering’ – putting on their ‘glad rags’ – to attract and mate; sourcing food and water, rearing their offspring from season to season, preparing them to survive by nurturing their beings, adapting, and conforming to wrong cultures.

  Humans have been brainwashed into believing that academia, as opposed to ‘real education’, can lead to power and riches.  Appalling soulless education has devalued real intelligence, produced witless state-fodder, disempowering adult life and the greater spectrum of children, and tended to diminish the human spirit through depression, disease, stress, diabetes, and cancer, in supporting absurdly corrupt governments and societies.   

  Science and industry increasingly pollute the planet’s air and water.  While humans may marvel or shudder at new achievements and may sometimes imagine it their purpose to push the boundaries of science and technology, these latter have too often proved detrimental to health and well-being.  So many of the problems facing humankind and planet Earth are the result of neglect in reviewing so-called science, industry, and technology, historical layer upon layer, quite the opposite of what ‘the system’ would have people believe.  Real human achievements are found in creativity : in art, design, language, music, speech, and writing, and in engineering too, but not in real communication as that has been compromised by wrong motivation.  Until mutual co-operation defeats the ego-trip of ‘competition’, and until the worth in a human being is found to be the stability and joy she or he shares, humans and the planet will suffer.  The essential object for change at this time, has to be the ‘Rejection of, coming to terms with the false Ego-Brain’ in the collective evolution of humankind.

  The Conference concluded that it was unlikely that many on Earth had any real sense of where they were in the slide towards apocalypse, except possibly some older people who may have observed and noted the accelerating decline of so much during their lifetimes.  The situation is confused by ignorant and self-interested politicians and businessmen, and by different scientific and university researchers arriving at different conclusions, some of which can be misleading, most amended later-on.  Added to the mix, ambitious journalists fabricate sensational nonsense; and a determination by certain powers-that-be to withhold information for fear of unrest.  

  Christianity, the religion, had much to answer for, some of it obvious, and some subtle.  For example, ‘forgiveness of sins’ on-a-sixpence has permitted people to behave abominably and get away with it.  Western so-called civilization has depended on that.  With removal of colour-tinted gels from their eyes, humans might see that the Abrahamic religions had encouraged them to ‘sell their souls to the devil’ !  So much of this sits upon shifting sands.  Humans have yet to find a common ground they can subscribe to whole-heartedly.  Consequently, they tend to adapt to whatever passing caravan seems to suit them best, often at an unholy cost to others.   

  Across the globe, humans have much in common, much goodness as well as much un-good.  The greatest warmth and generosity are found amongst the indigenous poor; the least, amongst the super-wealthy, often addicted to drugs, alcohol and vacuous nonsense.  Unless and until humans find a comprehensive and comfortable view of life and ideology that all can welcome and contribute to, divisions are bound to continue to plague all societies, countries, continents, and individual lives.   

  Over-population is a dilemma because one of the principal purposes of all life-forms is sexual reproduction to continue a species, to which was added joy, pleasure and ecstasy to make copulation of both the greatest moment and regular comfort.  The greatest, most important, most meaningful event in any human’s life is the birth of a new-born.  Humans must find a way to manage their populations, to link them to the availability of essential local resources, water and food.  It is over-population that caused high levels of urbanisation, over-use of resources, pollution, and sequential catastrophes. 

  The madness of ‘business’, stealing someone’s treasure only to realise that same treasure is coveted by others, and in time will be taken from them in turn, is the way of materialism.  This craziness embraces concepts of slavery and worklessness.  Mass-production, to provide for increasing numbers of consumers, relies on the mining of rare resources to fabricate huge machines to churn-out thousands of identical cheap products for the masses in set time-frames, needing to be adjusted and checked at high speed by robotic slaves incarcerated in massively polluting ‘factories’; providing super-wealth for a few.  Many of these products are ‘not good’ for humans; many parts are discarded, thrown away, adding to mountain ranges of waste.  The failed system fuels madnesses described as consumerism, dysfunction, obesity, and a spectrum of illnesses.  

  The phantasm that is their fiat-money cannot be ignored, meaning the dreadful plastic notes and fairground coins they have in their pockets.  ‘Fiat’ because it is fraudulent and valueless, based on nothing other than trend, whisper, speculative ‘confidence’, and convenience.  The concept allows for ‘taxation’ and mega-corruption, which ordinary god-fearing folk are required to fund from meagre resources, and for which aspirant grey clerks, so-called ‘professionals’, dictate the rules, charging unholy fees to administer them. 

  The approaching apocalypse will occur from a conjunction of several cataclysms: over-population, over-use of natural resources, wanton fossil fuel use and consequent pollutions; accumulation of poisonous gases in the atmosphere; climate change & altered environmental cycles causing drought, water-shortages, famine, wildfires, and migrations.  Pandemic, economic and financial collapse, bio-chemical and nuclear warfare are serious threats.  All of these threaten cataclysm.  Together, they will cause Apocalypse.  If human inadequacy is the first and major problem, the next most urgent are over-population, and fossil-fuel emissions, and the CO2 in the atmosphere.  

  In the near future we can perceive a number of dangerous whirlpools on collision courses, not unlike spatial gaseous attraction.  Imagine these different whirlpools dancing in space, and imagine a Big Negative Vortex drawing them toward it magnetically, only to consume them as its victims.  This is the image of the Apocalypse threatening demented humans, and all life-forms on planet Earth.  On a scale of things, humans are moving from an Era of Betrayal to an Era of Cataclysm.  A series of concurrent cataclysms will conclude in Apocalypse, which will all-but terminate human and most species’ life, but for possibly a few straggling, struggling survivors. 

The Conference then discussed Solutions.

  Humans need Global and Regional Policies to manage population growth, to care for the environment and for all species, and to cease all warfare forever.  And they need compassionate cultures to completely re-imagine education.  First, they need to undergo an accelerated un-learning and healing process; and primarily they need to re-learn honesty and honour.  Within five years, they must have un-learned the ways of the past five millennia.  They must re-learn love, light, and laughter, for-real.  They all need to practice contemplation and meditation, right education, right communication, and right ‘democracy’. 

  The ‘Men in Grey Suits’, who have marginalised fundamental good, can only be halted by humans the world over renouncing their foolish ways with non-violent protests in every town and city continuously until common-sense, peace and love prevail.  There needs to be a swift revolution of all the structures of society, legislative, judicial, and financial matters, ‘business’ and media.  For humans to survive, the changes needed immediately include sensible provision for all – water, food, housing, care, freedom from debt, sensible population management and care, sensible environmental care, and an immediate and total end to all industrial and poisonous gas emissions.  There is enough ‘wealth’ on Earth to provide a comfortable existence for all peoples while these provisions are being realised, but only if there is an immediate and total end to the notion of economic growth, globalisation, weapons manufacture, defence spending, and frivolous expenditure on space exploration.  Weapons everywhere need to be collected and destroyed.  Global Laws for people will need to be introduced to share water and food, and to prohibit violence and theft, introduced by some sort of Global Government; a compassionate assembly of sensitive, sensible and wise people who act consensually and only in the people’s best interests.

  New arrangements for meeting, listening, and learning can be introduced that involve everyone as much as they wish and are able.  Everyone will be able to be heard.  Small collectives of men, women, and children – their choice of numbers – will select and send one or two representatives to a next level caucus.  In turn, this group will select and send representatives to the next collective level.  In these ways, every person’s voice can be heard, and common sense and conscience can have their say.  Caucuses will maintain their numbers to manageable collectives of intelligent, compassionate, and wise people; whatever they agree.  At every level, every decision will be made by consensus only, however long that may take. 

  The concept of consensual groups will need to take root in every province and region on the planet.  ‘Politics’ need not be a dirty word.  It can come to mean positive and profound thought leading to consensus.  Old political and factional movements, political parties and polemic cannot exist, as they are limiting and destructive.  No political parties and no political elections.  Politicians and diplomats, as they have been known, need to disappear overnight.  Their bureaucratic hydras will vanish with them.  So-called police everywhere will need to adapt their roles to be carers and helpers, experienced in mediation and counselling.       

  To take part in a consensual group, a person will need to be honest and open, and to have addressed their ‘Personal Development’.  They will need to have come to terms with their daemons and Ego, and to have advanced to be clear and ‘clean’ within, to be free and mindful.  They will need to have learned to listen profoundly, and to express only their inner truths, rather than any claptrap, make-believe, dogma or generalisation.  To arrive at consensus, people will need to have shed their self-interest, or if and where it exists, to declare it openly in advance.  Differing points of view will be welcomed as introducing further vision.  An intention to find and reach right outcomes for the well-being of children and communities, and local fauna and flora, that chime with the group collectively, will lead to consensus.        

  Nation states, as they have been known, will re-arrange themselves according to local identities, language and custom, into regions of either a large enough number of people, or of a land area with its own environmental flavour.  Regions will become self-governing, each having an assembly to agree such regional mores it selects in collective consensual discussion, founded in both global laws and local custom.  Monarchies and republics will continue for as long as the people in those regions and nation states concur via collective consensus.  A good ‘royal family’ is of itself beyond value, positively preventing any other parties self-interested ambition.  How a monarch, and their family, is chosen – be that hereditary or selected for life – and what their role is to be, will be decided by regional elders.

  Could there be a danger of some quasi-authoritarian rule usurping a region?  The collective consensual system will determine what happens, not any other authority.  If one or several loud-mouths, or strong-in-the-arm folk, were to attempt to usurp control, the collective consensuses, above and below, could take care of the situation.

  Towns people will return to the land to assist with local food production, directed by existing countryfolk, farmers and gardeners.  Food supplies will become limited to nutritious foods, rather than flashily packaged junk.  People will become healthier and happier, re-finding their natural weight.  Health problems are likely to diminish as greater freedoms and camaraderie are re-established, and natural metabolisms reassert themselves. 

  All  earthly religions are misleading.  It is the factional competition in humans, theoretically wishing their tribe to be bound to a chosen ‘god’, which fights to the death in foolish attempts to achieve an unreal superiority.  Humankind must learn to replace its primitive ways of violent plotting for advantage, vengeance, and supremacy, with love and peace, compassion, and right ways within the Laws of Life and Essence, so as not to muddy their souls.  

  The laws of humans cannot be relied on as they will never suffice until they are fashioned by and founded on the Laws of Life.  Like a lost soul, humankind needs to return to the beginning, to unlearn much of what they have been taught to believe, and to refine themselves to the essence of Life.  Humans need to re-format themselves in truth, love and happiness-fulfilment, learn to communicate with all life-forms, learn to listen and receive, living by giving.  

  It would be helpful if, overnight, monies were to have no value or currency, and formal financial debts of all kinds be nullified.  All forms of interest-bearing lending can be prohibited.  Hoarded precious metals and wealth can be sequestered to provide for a transition period.  Commercial advertising will cease in favour of sober, creative public announcements and advice.  

  The Almighties cannot intervene overtly to save a child’s life, or a river or tree dying from pollution and disease.  Nor can they intervene overtly to save humankind or any life-form.  Humans need to learn to accept their ups and downs with grace, so that their inner-selves can approach more closely the Essence of Life. 

  Humans need to learn that they can do that, not from material thought or science, but from the power of Love and Life in harmony with eternal existence.  What they will gain is a sense of realness, an absence of envy, fear, greed and stress, and an increase in peace, happiness, security, and love.  Their first need is to become honest.  Thereafter, to become immersed in better parenting and profound education. 

  It will take time to resolve the human dilemmas of ‘wanting’, competition, rivalry, and revenge, to rediscover motivations for life in the vacuum left by their defunct financial system.  It will take time for people to stop seeking to take advantage of one another, to return to innocence, and for new systems of understanding human misdemeanours to be evolved and managed.

  There will need to be a transition period while humans become adjusted to real ways of thinking and being, while right spiritual, educational, and health systems are evolved as foundations for The Way Forward.  Humans will need time to recognise the real values of newly evolved cultural and educational foundations, and for them to take hold; for humans to begin to trust again.   

  A host of practical emergencies need to be addressed immediately, which many will find shocking.  All fossil fuel emissions must cease in quick time, essentially ‘over-night’, which stringency must negate procrastination.  Alternative, sustainable means of distribution will result in a reduction of goods available, and a reduction of waste.  Using ships and aircraft for carrying oil, gas, and globalised food distribution must cease immediately, also aircraft used for holiday travel.  Trucks and all oil-fuelled land vehicles will need to be banned.  Instead, only sustainable electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles can be permitted.  Excursions and farther travel by barge and sailboat, bicycle, horse, train, and collectively shared vehicles will become the way.  Plastics will be eliminated.  The imperative of ending all fossil-fuel emissions will be a most immediate challenge.  Failing that can result only in a desperate apocalypse for humans and all life-forms on the planet. 

  Only if humans cut fossil-fuel emissions overnight, and if they can avoid all forms of terrorism and war, and if no pandemic takes hold, they have at most ten years to have turned their primitive ways around and to have renewed their cultures positively to temper the worst of the devastation that approaches Life on Earth.  

  No ‘Earth’ time. 

[1]  From ‘Come Sunrise’, Gaunts Publishing, 2019-20.

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