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The Never-Ending Search for Truth
UK Annual Retreat August 29th -31st, 2014. 

With Shaikh Kabir Helminski, Shaikha Camille Helminski, & Dr. Jeremy Henzell-Thomas.

In these times amidst all that challenges our humanness and distracts our remembrance, the role of spirituality must be to overcome the distortions (both secular and religious) that cloud our hearts and dull our spirits. The Way of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi continues to be a crucible of transformation awakening creativity, consciousness, and love.

Join us for this special time of exploration with talks, music, spiritual practice and friendship.

For more information about this course please click here.

Shamanic Conference with Elsa Malpas
September 5th - 9th 2014 

For more information please click here www.shamanism.co.uk 
Or email: warriorintheheart@tiscali.co.uk

Past Life Regression with Andy Tomlinson
September 10th - 14th 2014

Past Life Regression Academy (PLRA) has been offering hypnosis, regression therapy and life between lives training internationally since 2002. Currently training programs are provided in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Singapore and in 2011 Australia and New Zealand. The training is accredited by the International Board for Regression Therapy, the European Association of Regression Therapy and the General Hypnotherapy Register.


Email: regressionacademy@gmail.com

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