Summer Gathering 2018



Our annual Summer Gathering is our invitation for you to temporarily join our ever evolving community during an unforgettable week of family friendly camping. The week includes daily talks from guest speakers, workshops, masseuses, therapists and various types of music.

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We would like to share with you a preview of what you can expect this year…


Workshops & Speakers

Alan Watson-Featherstone


Alan is an ecologist, nature photographer and inspirational public speaker. In 1986 he founded the award-winning Scottish conservation charity, Trees for Life, and was its executive director for almost 30 years. During that time it became the leading organisation working to restore the Caledonian Forest in Scotland and took on ownership of the 10,000 acre Dundreggan Estate in Glenmoriston as its flagship project for native woodland recovery.

Alan has given lectures at events and conferences in more than 20 countries worldwide, and has received a number of awards for his work, including the Schumacher Award in 2001, the Spirit of Scotland Environment Award in 2012 and the RSPB Nature of Scotland Outstanding Contribution Award in 2013, whilst Trees for Life was recognised as the UK Conservation Project of the Year in 1991.

The Power to Make a Positive Difference in The World

At a time when conventional leaders and institutions are failing to adequately address the multiple challenges facing humanity, many concerned people wonder what they can do to make a difference for the future. Alan was inspired in 1986 to make a commitment to help restore Scotland’s almost-vanished Caledonian Forest. The project he started, with no training, funds or resources, has grown in the past 30 years to become the award-winning conservation charity, Trees for Life, that has planted over 1.5 million trees and owns a 10,000 acre Highland Estate.

Using his own personal experience and practical examples from the development of Trees for Life, Alan will show that by following the deepest calling of our hearts we can each access unlimited sources of personal power to make a meaningful positive difference in the world. and also see


Meet Alan at 11.15am on Friday in the Theatre, with follow up workshop in the Library at 2pm


Mark Wood


Mark is an explorer and adventurer that operates in some of the most remote extreme cold areas of our planet, from long range polar expeditions to covering 8000 metre peaks. Mark’s ability to look at life differently and seize opportunities has led him to being one of the most dedicated polar explorers of our time.

With over 30 major expeditions to date, Mark has reached the Magnetic north pole, the geomagnetic north pole twice, has completed solo expeditions to both the geographic North and South poles and led a team on an ascent of Mount Everest. He has been a part of major BBC and channel 5 documentaries and over the years has trained and led people in the extremes of the planet.

Mark aims to communicate globally and to have open discussions with students about climate change, cultural differences, and thinking differently about life. He is ranked within the top 5 communicators in the world on the Skype platform and has to date travelled over 3 million Skype miles by connecting with children in 34 different countries.

His own award winning documentaries have shown the life of dog teams in Alaska, a solo survival film in the extremes and more recently a complex cutting edge expedition film which explains the harsh reality of global warming and its effect on the arctic ocean as his team crossed to the north pole.


Thinking Differently

Mark outlines that moment of creating a seed of an idea or inspiration to progressing it to a major expedition bringing in documentary teams, expedition members, global education programs, environmental projects and major global brands. From inception to completion Mark takes you through the process including standing on the side of Mount Everest to being totally alone in Antarctica.


Meet Mark at 10am on Friday in the Theatre, with follow up workshop in the Library at 4pm


Jeddah Mali


Jeddah Mali, founder of Intelligent Life and creator of the Intelligent Life model and mapping system, is an internationally recognised visionary and change agent. An expert facilitator in human learning environments with 30 years investigative study, she has 20 years’ experience mentoring business leaders and currently sits on the Board of HeartMath scientific research company.

Jeddah Mali mentors, coaches and teaches courses that enable people to experience human energy field exploration. A member of the Transformational Leadership Council, Mali has experienced a series of awakenings throughout her life. She continually fine-tunes the personal “moment-to-moment awareness of the source of all existence” she has gained and helps others realize this potential.

Jeddah is a member of an exclusive group of women supporting the Nobel Women’s Initiative, comprised of the 8 living Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. Jeddah is on the Advisory Board of the Hanwang Initiative, to provide a pathway for governments, businesses and people between China and the rest of the world to address sustainable development from a society-wide perspective.

What Makes Life Work?

The knowledge of how life really works, of what’s required to produce personal satisfaction, let alone a highly functioning society or a sane and healthy world, has remained frustratingly elusive. In this talk, Jeddah discusses the concept, practice and application of Natural Intelligence and how it can address some of the pressing issues of our time and change the future we are heading towards.  


Meet Jeddah at 10am on Saturday in the Theatre, with follow up workshop in the Library at 2pm


Helena Norberg-Hodge


Helena Norberg-Hodge is a pioneer of the new economy movement and recipient of the Alternative Nobel prize, the Goi Peace Prize and the Arthur Morgan Award. Helena’s seminal book, Ancient Futures, based on her decades living and working in India, has been described as “an inspirational classic,” providing insightful solutions to the unintended impacts of development,

Helena is a widely respected analyst of the impact of the global economy and international development on local communities, local economies, and personal identity, and is a leading proponent of ‘localization’, or decentralization, as a means of countering those impacts.

Helena is also the producer and co-director of the award-winning film, The Economics of Happiness, and the co-author of Bringing the Food Economy Home and From the Ground Up: Rethinking Industrial Agriculture.

The Economics of Happiness – the social, ecological and economic benefits of localisation

Helena Norberg-Hodge argues that the global economic system is fundamentally unstable and incapable of meeting the needs of people and the planet. She will make the case for rebuilding local and regional economies worldwide, through a shift in direction towards “localisation”. She will also highlight the policy and community steps that can bring us there, and the inspiring psychological, social, and ecological benefits of economic localization that are already being demonstrated around the world.


Meet Helena at 11.30am on Saturday in the Theatre, with follow up workshop in the Library at 4pm


Mary Daniels


Described by Princess Badiya of Jordan as a “A very inspiring lady” and by best selling author Robert Holden as “love on legs, a mover and shaker and a powerhouse and true light in the field of spirituality and personal development’.

Mary Daniels has a natural ability to transform every challenging situation into a triumph, spending most of her adult life working with vulnerable people in the community, including a prison, young offenders’ units, schools, women’s centres and inner-city charities.

It’s time to get real, it’s time for a ‘Wild’ Awakening!

“Who are you? Really, who are you?  I am not asking the person you ‘think’ you are not nor am I talking about the person you would like to be. I am asking the real you.”

Aged 24, Mary found herself stood on the side of Tower Bridge with her baby in her arms ready to jump. Today she uses her amazing and truly inspirational story to help both herself and those around her, of all ages, to question and explore ‘who we are’ and what it means to ‘get real’ and ‘be real’.

Mary’s talk and workshop promises to be refreshing, humorous, down to earth and thought provoking. Between her infectious laugh, powerful style of teaching and engaging storytelling, Mary has a real gift and ability to immediately see what’s needed and communicate it with ease, naturally inspiring others to step up, wake up and get real.


Meet Mary at 11am on Sunday in the Theatre



Katherine Baldwin


Katherine Baldwin is a relationships coach, mentor and author of How to Fall in Love – A 10-Step Journey to the Heart. She coaches women and men to have healthy, authentic relationships with themselves and others, to walk through their fears and pursue their passions. She has a Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy Skills from the Westminster Pastoral Association and 15 years of experience helping herself and others recover from self-sabotaging behaviours. Katherine frequently writes and speaks on relationships and personal development for the national media, including Psychologies and Red, and she has appeared on TV and radio, including Newsnight and Woman’s Hour.

Katherine Baldwin knows the dangers of craving external love and validation as well as the transformative and healing power of self-love. In her former career, Katherine reported from parliament and travelled with the prime minister, but she felt soul dead inside and was binge eating, binge drinking, overworking and falling in and out of unhealthy relationships, as a way of escaping her feelings and coping with stress, anxiety, loneliness and a deep sense of being faulty or flawed. She eventually burnt out and broke down – and that’s when her real transformation began. By building her self-esteem from the inside out, Katherine went from being a single, highly stressed news journalist to a woman in love, living with her fiancé by the sea and working at her true passion – writing and coaching others to love themselves, love their lives and find love.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
• Strengthen your emotional core to boost confidence and self-esteem
• Connect deeply to your feelings and your intuition
• Understand any blocks to love and relationship
• Learn to prioritise activities that make your heart sing
• End self-sabotage and find the courage to be true to yourself


Meet Katherine in Avalon Lounge on Friday at 12midday & Saturday at 12.30pm in the Library


JoRae Alchemy Woman

Acknowledge and confront your inner critic – it’s actually your life saving voice, but it got confused in 21 century living. Practical, creative & holistic tools for women to explore their relationship with self-confidence. A safe space to share and tools to promote empowerment and self-esteem. “Holistic Alchemy is the art of transforming parts of your innate personality resulting in some form of liberating revelation or enlightenment and thus achieving individual perfection “.

Meet JoRae on Friday at 10am in the Library for Reclaiming the Magic of Menstruation;
Sat 12.30 in the Library for Reclaiming the Magic of Menopause,
Sun 2pm in th Library for Empowerment for Women


JoRae is also holding a private Retreat at Gaunts House on the 21st of September ‘Womens Welbeing weekend’ see here for more details






Gerry Thompson

Gerry is a stand-up comedian, public speaking coach and best-selling author. He founded and runs Positive Comedy training, helping people to expand their lives and communicate more confidently and effectively and have fun, using comedy and improvisation.
Gerry’s humorous books include Astral Sex to Zen Teabags: A New Age Spoofapedia and Cats are from Venus, Dogs are from Mars, a parody of human relationship.

Meet Gerry in the Theatre 1pm Saturday and 2pm on Sunday


Leo Rutherford

“PETTY TYRANTS” – How to deal with the irritating, annoying, button pushing people of life. Note: This is a FUN workshop! Teachings from the Medicine Wheel plus fun with the characters who annoy us!

Join us at 6pm on Friday in the Ballroom

SHAMANIC JOURNEYS – Accessing altered states to solve problems and challenges.

Join us at 9.30am on Sunday morning in the Theatre

James D’Angelo

We are all beings of vibration at every level – physical, subtle and spiritual. When all these frequencies of vibration are in tune, we come into perfect harmony. Through the therapeutic use of the voice, we have the power to re-tune ourselves, especially through the chakra energy centres. In this mini-workshop you will be introduced to various practices of vocal toning, directing the sounds into the chakras and subtle bodies. The direct consequence of these practices is the meditation state where the resonances of the vibrations draw us towards our one and true Self.
James D’Angelo has had a multi-faceted career in music as a lecturer (City University of New York), classical/jazz pianist, organist, composer, workshop leader and writer on therapeutic sound and metaphysical subjects.
James has been leading his Soundspirit Workshops in the UK, Europe and the USA for over 20 years He is the author of The Healing Power of the Human Voice and Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras.

Meet James in the Avalon Cottage lounge on Saturday at 2.30pm and Sunday at 11am


Roxie Morris

The happy life, what do we mean by happiness, it’s a slippery word and we discover how it means something different to each of us.
The benefits of happiness, longitudinal studies show the benefits in being happier
What makes people happy? Are we happy? Can we be happier?
Your story, where you are in your life right now and something to think about moving forward. Where can you practice more investment and meaning in your life. Looking forward visualisation and happiness mantras

Saturday 6pm in the Library
The successful life we start exploring the subject of success and look at what is happening in our lives and wider society. We hear some expert perspectives on the issue as we look at the 4 modern epidemics anxiety, depression, stress and loneliness and how we can tackle these.
The high price of materialism and understanding when we put this first how it affects our environment and those we care for. Finding deeper happiness through developing strengths and character

Sunday 9am in the Library
The meaningful life. What are we here to do and how has things in the past blocked us off from our true selves and real purpose.
Exploring the three different types of happiness and how when take time for self inquiry we can invest our strengths into daily activities that bring us joy.
We look at our priorities and see how when we look to live in selfless service to those about us we can live an abundant life being fully present in every moment. A connection to something greater than ourselves will help with this and how when we work in collaboration with each other this will help heal the world.

Thursday 9am in the Library



Tim Ralphs Story Telling

The ancient art of storytelling, Innovation in spoken word.
Tim Ralphs is a storyteller and active exponent of narrative in art. He also works as a public engagement consultant where he focuses on connecting academic researchers with non-specialists.
His storytelling is rooted in the oral tradition: The craft of a speaker weaving language and gesture to entrance an audience and bring a tale to life.

Visit Tim in the Yurt on the Lawn at 4pm Thursday, 9am Friday, 9am Sunday, and in the Library at 10am on Saturday.

Margaret Meliorvita Angelic realms

Allow yourself to completely relax in a deep guided meditation, connect with Angelic Realms by opening a clear channel within yourself for Angelic guidance and assistance.
Margaret will teach you the basic grounding and releasing technique to make the connection to ask for assistance – and how to get into the right physical and mental state to be receptive to that reality and take into your daily life.

You will learn invocations and how to call upon the angelic realms to ask for assistance once you have cleared your mind. Learn about angelic energy and angels,

Meet Margaret in the Ballroom on Thursday at 2pm, and with her skin care range on the lawn.

Andrea Harrn

Andrea is a psychotherapist, creator of themoodcards and over the last 18 years she has worked with hundreds of clients to help them find clarity, balance, acceptance, meaning, forgiveness, recognition, freedom from addictions, inner peace and new perceptions of themselves and their place in the world. She is an intuitive healer, naturally using energies creatively and sensitively. For the past 10 years has run self-development workshops and retreats across the UK.
Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Wisdom

Develop and expand your emotional intelligence in this fun workshop using themoodcards. An opportunity for deep and meaningful conversations about things that matter to you, gaining insight into your moods and emotions, your spiritual wisdom, your values and your intuition about relationships, life purpose and other areas of your life.

Meet Andrea in Avalon Cottage Lounge on Thursday at 3pm

Move and Dance

Biodanza with Milarepa

Biodanza is an invitation to the joy of living, the pleasure of movement and discovery of ourselves in relation to the world around us.

Biodanza is a series of dance and movement exercises to music, designed to give you an intense experience of the here and now – the present moment. We call it a VIVENCIA, or being ‘in vivencia’. Biodanza aims to reunite us with our biology, our natural organic functions that have enabled us to survive for millions of years. By becoming ‘present’, by being ‘in the moment’ (in vivencia) our instincts, feelings and emotions have a chance to manifest and be expressed – from the heart and through the body.

Dance with Mila at 2pm on Thursday in the Ballroom; 1pm Saturday in the Ballroom, 5pm Sunday in the Theatre

Street Dance with Dance 4 All

DFA (Dance For All) is a Dance Company based in Bournemouth & Dorset region. Specialising in Hip Hop and Street Dance & inclusive to All Ages & Abilities.
This energetic crew will teach the moves and perform for your delight.

Meet Stella and the crew on Saturday at 2pm in the Theatre; and Sunday at 12midday on the Lawn.

Lahoona Dance with Amanda Rose

A Lahoona Dance Workshop teaches a fusion of Indian Dance styles and Visual Arts using authentic performance props. Shimmy and Sparkle to our sensational rhythms and Bollywood routines which are bursting with cultural grooves, Inspiring to have your body and soul reaching for the stars.
Dance is the expression of life, it is the universal language of the body and is an important tool to unite people together. Learn cultural dance and take your routines to the dance floor where-ever you go. You will learn new skills for life, which you can teach to your family and show to your friends.
Amanda is a fully accredited dance Instructor and performer, she teaches classes and workshops at events across the UK. Amanda’s style uses dance to explore thoughts and emotions, thus creating grounds for individual pathways of personal expression.

Join Amanda at 4pm on Friday & Saturday in the Music Marquee on the Lawn

Free Fuzion with Alexa Warner


Free Fuzion is the new kid on the block when it comes to holistic exercise classes, but it is so much more than that! Heal Your Body Free, Your Mind
Free Fuzion is a new way of being as through the fusion of mind and body exercises you will learn how to free yourself from the aches, pains, stresses and strains of everyday life, and most importantly you will learn to connect positively with the most important person in your life…yourself! For everyone…
It really does suit all ages and abilities as there is no level of fitness or flexibility required.

5 Element Daoist Qi Gong with Lydia Edwards

The five elements Qigong exercises are also known as “Qigong of the 5 Phases” or “5 Elements Harmony”. The 5 elements (or 5 changes) are rooted in Daoist philosophy and aim to explain natural developments in the nature surrounding us as well as in human life itself. Using the five elements as a reference, almost every phenomenon can be understood in a new way as an expression of the five elements: the phases of life, the compass directions, the different types of food, the parts of the human body, emotions, colours, forms, therapies etc. This provides a link of the 5 element theory to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong practice.
Lydia Edwards (DiAc, DiTn, (BHC) Lic Ac, MAcuC) has been studying the Eastern medical, spiritual and martial arts for over ten years.

Join Lydia on Thursday at 4pm in the Theatre; and Saturday 12midday in the Library

Tai Chi with Stuart Ward

Tai Chi is an internal martial art which is built on the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yang.
Traditional Tai Chi practice also works as a total health system. The flowing and spiraling exercises nourish the body, building strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. As practice deepens so does awareness of the self and the world around.
Tai Chi is perfect for people who want to develop health and movement while de-stressing and developing a martial skill.

Join Stuart daily on the lawn (music marquee if bad weather) at 7.30am


Sika Deer

Sound Journey
These songs are offered as a ‘Spirit Canoe’ taking you gliding down the river of your own dreaming.
Journey into altered states of consciousness feel healing energy and connect with your full source power. In this ceremony, Sika will play a dynamic fusion of instruments, close to and around your body.

Bring something to lie on, get comfortable and enjoy the Sika experience at 5.30pm in the Theatre on Friday

Scania Price

“Music is what feelings sound like.” – Author Unknown
The Gong is one of man’s most powerful and oldest transformational and therapeutic instruments. It has been used for ritual, ceremony, prayer, and meditation since the Bronze Age. Its sound is relaxing and calming, centering and energising, transforming and healing. Gongs have been used in yoga, sound meditation, and vibrational therapy from the distant past to present.

Lay back for Scania and the Gongs in the Theatre on Thursday and Friday at 2pm & Saturday at 4pm

Drumming with Heike Jenkins

A drum circle is a celebration of life, community, and music-making in the moment. Participants sit in a circle while playing drums and hand percussion, and join in creating a group rhythm.

Drumming has been used for centuries in nearly all cultures for ritual, healing, and celebration. Drum circle participants are connected to a common purpose by sharing rhythm experiences with others.

It gives participants a sonic massage while providing a creative and emotional outlet.

Walled garden Friday 2pm, Saturday 10am, Sunday 10am with Bournemouth Community Kirtan

Perfect Sound with Jenny Newman

If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing
Come and learn these simple songs and harmonies from across Africa. Bring yourself and have a go. Sing and move to these infectious rhythms.
Jenny from Perfect Sound has worked as a qualified musician and sound healer for many years. Working in chorus environments throughout her career she’s here to run this African folk workshop with percussion, movement and song. Join in either or both. Djembe players are welcome to come along and join us.

Join Jenny at 6PM in the Lawn Music Marquee

Be guided through this wellness workshop focusing on Integral Transformative Practice ITP inspired by George Leonard and Michael Murphy. Using Breathing, Movement and Sound mantras we will work as a group to explore human potential together celebrating the life we’ve been given by transforming body, mind, heart and spirit. Just bring along an open mind and a willingness to share in this breathing movement and mantra session. We will also create a group Mandala. Many people and cultures have vouched for the mandala’s intrinsic meaning as an art therapy for healing and sharing, personal reflection and unity.

With Jenny at 10am in the Ballroom


Kids, Teens and Play



Drop-in kids area activities every day!
Fun with Chalk
Bear Pit! – of cuddly toys
Face Painting
Giant Snakes & Ladders & Hop Scotch
Wooden Toys & Mega Blocks in the Horsebox Playspace
Yarn Bomb Drop-in! Adventures in Crochet with Anya Johnson


Teen Space – Flollop Lounge 13 to 16s only

Chillspace from 10am / Workshops & Activities from 12noon onwards
Exclusively for teenagers, no adults (except crew) no younger children


Choose your own – Options include…

Roz – Thursday and Friday drop in sessions
Mike Ness from MBN Arts – mural or doodle wall in the Flollop area
Juggling (clubs & balls) & Hula Hoop Workshop with make your own hoola hoop [Marisa & Angel]
Slackline Skills [Marisa]
Pillow Fights & Sock Wrestling [Marisa]
Willow & tissue paper light sculptures [Sam]
Diablo & make your own devil sticks [Marisa]
Make you own, juggling balls / poi [Marisa]
Design your own henna tattoo [Sam]
Teen talk – open space, have your say, share info & advice [Chris – Sat/Sun]
Hair braiding ideas
Teen tie dye – option to bring your own 100% cotton stuff too
Upcycling clothes techniques
Music making – jam / karaoke / open mic
How to draw Cartoons [Owen]
Spoken Word [Marisa]
Air-dry clay creations
Mask making
Drama Games [Kelly]
Weaving – friendship bracelets & cosmic creatures

SwapShop, ToySwap, Playspace & Story Corner open daily from 9am

Join the Bearcat Collective by the Pool for Activities, Games & Craft Workshops 10am-5pm

Whether you’re a creative person or haven’t touched a paintbrush for years, MBN Arts Spray Painting Workshops are aimed at providing expert one-to-one and group coaching that brings street art to life. The focus is always on encouraging creativity and making art and design exciting and fun.

Join Mike in creating an evolving mural daily from Thursday in the Under 18 zone.

Some where between “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” and “Nightmare before Christmas” you’ll find the many faces of Sweet Circus’s inspiring characters.
Sweet Circus is here to provide workshops, community ‘circusplay’, activities, ambient entertainment with a difference, corporate training and performance.
Circus fun for every one!

Meet the Sweet Circus folk for daily antics from 10am

Elfic the Jester
Rupert Elford, (a.k.a. Elfic the Jester and Professor Elfic)
Elfic’s Comedy Juggling Show – Danger, excitement & stupidity! Madcap mayhem from an award-winning performer featuring circus skills, magic, improvisation & audience participation.
Meet Rupert at 12midday, 2pm and 4pm for daily shenanigans.