Gaunts House is first heard of around 1355 when it was left to John of Gaunt by his beloved wife Blanche, daughter and heiress of the old Duke of Lancaster. Beneath the present red-brick mansion is one of Portland stone, built around 1752 by Sir Richard Glyn, Lord Mayor of London.



Richard Glyn Foundation began its educational work in 1982 at High Lea School for Children, before moving to Gaunts House in 1988, becoming a registered UK charity in 1995.

For some time now we have recognised the need to re-evaluate every aspect of modern life in the West, and realise that the complete re-thinking and revolution of new ways takes time and patience. We see the way forward as expanding awareness of consciousness, reaching beyond the confines of the individual and collective mind. We believe in sharing real experiences and realisations so that we may learn to grow as rounded and grounded human beings.

The Foundation continues to be a central part of the growing holistic awareness and ‘new’ consciousness presently emerging in the UK and the world.

Our Charter of 1989