Gaunts Summer Camp 2019

We are happy to announce the first Gaunts House Summer Camp.

This is the first year of our evolving summer get-together. After 30 years of the Summer Gathering, we feel its time to evolve into a new way of being together.

We are inviting you all to come and join us for a fun week of family camping. Bring yourselves, your bikes, ideas & talking points, musical instruments, imagination & creativity, poetry, gifts to share with everyone else, artistry, and your fabulous wild authentic selves.

Come and embrace the beauty of the surroundings, the summer and each other. Let your children run free, bare foot through the long grass and become wild monsters of the wood. Watch the sun set, find bugs and other creatures, count the shooting stars, and reconnect back into their nature.
We will be joining together to share who and what we are, give a workshop on something that you are passionate about, go and listen to others and see if your creativity connects, evolve with each other and share with the rest of the tribe.

We will be providing the infrastructure and the bare bones on which we will collectively build a wonderful experience for us all to share. We hope people will come and lead some yoga, singing and dance workshops, and anything else you can think of for the enjoyment of all.

We have a giant circus marquee, hot showers and our lovely compost loos, as well as the swimming pool, lake, woods and other fun places to explore. There will be 2 large fire pits, where creativity can ignite. Collectively we will be creating our entertainment, including Conscious Clubbing, Conscious Cinema, Music, our own Cabaret? The Om Café will be open all day selling our delicious food & drinks.

There will be a daily morning meeting, where we will come together and share our hopes for the day ahead, and whatever gifts we feel we want to share with each other, there will be a call for volunteers to help with some specific jobs for the benefit of us all, (i.e. re-stacking fire wood for the fire pits, helping with the recycling etc).

See you in the summer haze…

Summer Camp Date – Monday 5th to Sunday 11th of August
Family tickets, (2 Adults 3 kids) TBA
Individual Adults TBA
Individual Teens TBA
(Teens and Children must be accompanied by adults)