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    Spring Qigong Retreat

    This Retreat offers an opportunity to refresh and revive your mind, body and spirit, working with two highly experienced Qigong teachers in this beautiful venue. Known as ‘mindful movement’ or ‘moving meditation’, Qigong is a gentle, relaxing and strengthening exercise which helps calm the mind and enliven the body. The retreat is suitable for all levels – beginners or experienced Qigong practitioners.

    Sally Ibbotson and Tricia Teahan are skilled and experienced Teachers of Qigong and this is the fourth retreat they have led together.

    Sally and Tricia will be teaching at a relaxed pace over the retreat days.

    Our aim is to teach you, through demonstration and working together with you, a gradual step by step approach to the Elemental work, based on both our experiences, so that by the end of the retreat you will have a complete sequence to practice on your own.

    The Qigong movements we will cover are based on the Five Elements Theory - a Chinese philosophy used to describe interactions and relationships between things. The five elements — Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire — are believed to be the fundamental elements of everything in the universe between which interactions occur. Each Element will have a series of movements and walks.

    The schedule is flexible, and pace is often dictated by the participants’ needs. The most important aim is that you enjoy the movements and walks and allow yourself to move and flow with ease as you practice. There will be time for reflection with breaks throughout the day, as well as time to enjoy some walks in nature in the beautiful grounds of Gaunt's House or a swim (there is an open-air swimming pool on the grounds).

    A ‘You Tube’ video of some of the work will be available after the retreat.


    "I felt relaxed and uplifted… great teaching, flexible schedule and appropriate 'time out’..."

    "Your instructions were clear and the You Tube videos provided great back up after the retreat"

    " I so enjoyed the venue and was pleased to work outside."


    Sally is a professional Qigong Instructor leading classes in the NHS and for Open Age, an organisation addressing isolation in older adults.  She is qualified in teaching Qigong for rehabilitation and in practising and teaching Massage. She has also taught Qigong to employees, for Corporations, and in residential care homes.  She is also a Shiatsu Practitioner and Massage Therapist working mainly in the area of Women’s health.  

    Tricia has studied and practised Qigong for over 20 years and draws her enthusiasm and interest from some of her great teachers throughout the years, notably Thalbert Allen of the College of Elemental Chi Kung and Zhixing Wang of Hua Gong.  Tricia is also a professional Craniosacral therapist and a Shiatsu Practitioner.  Her main areas of work have been with Breast Cancer Haven London, City Lit Adult Education and with senior groups at Community Centres and Open Age.


    o Three nights (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) accommodation or camping at Gaunts House

    o All meals (from dinner on Thursday evening to lunch on Sunday) and all snacks, coffee and tea

    o All tuition


    Early Bird discount of £25 applies if you pay before 18th February.

    Price per person:

    o Shared room (2/3 people) - £496​​

    o Single own use room - £541

    o Single en-suite - £571

    o Double en-suite - £545

    o Camping (own bedding)- £395​​


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