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  • Thu

    Monthly Biodanza

    7:30 pm


    Leading Biodanza sessions at the Summer Gathering has been one of the highlights of my year since 2012 and I have very fond memories of co-leading a weekend retreat there in the October of that year too... so I'm particularly excited to be back offering a regular monthly vivencia in that beautiful space!

    If you've not experienced it before, Biodanza is an incredibly diverse dance/movement based system of human psycho-social integration and personal development. Through guided classes or 'vivencias', participants are invited to explore their own relationship to what the creator of Biodanza, Professor Rolando Toro Araneda, called 'The Five Lines' - five fundamental aspects of life that weave together to create the foundation for all human experience - these are Vitality, Creativity, Affectivity, Sexuality and Transcendence.

    But in practice, it is so much more than can be described in a short blurb for a website... Biodanza creates a space in which to play, to unlearn and unpick many of the social strictures and conditionings that serve to keep us isolated and alone, bereft of nurturing connection and support from our fellow travellers on this marvellous journey. Through rediscovering our unique expression of selfhood, we come to a beatific realisation of our deep rooted commonality and perhaps catch glimpses of the divine unity that is our true nature.

    No previous Biodanza experience is necessary, just come and explore this Dance of Life with us.

    Any questions, feel free to email me - or look for 'Biodanza with Mila' on Facebook.

    Classes run from 7.30 - 10.00 and begin on Thursday September 27th.
    Cost £10. It is a good idea to bring water and to wear clothes that allow free movement. Although there is heating in the Theatre, it is also a good idea to layer up in the winter months!

    Classes continue on the following dates
    Thursday October 25th
    Thursday November 29th
    Thursday December 20th