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  • Fri

    Conscious Clubbing at Gaunts House

    7:00 pmGaunts House

    Come and join us for an evening of connection our second experimental conscious clubbing at Gaunts House. We had such an amazing time that we felt the event was worth doing again. We have the DJ’s, the space and the rest is evolving as we speak….. 

    So if you fancy coming to join us for 3 hours of conscious connection with two hours of DJ sets then get your tickets fast…….. 

    We are happy for this event to be £10

    There will be a non alcoholic and drug free policy and we will be running an alcohol free bar, raw chocolate and stuff ………

    So whats it all about, we have found as we have become more sensitive we have felt the need less and less to use some sort of substance to help us relax on the dance floor. We found that the ecstatic feeling really got us going when we just connected into the rhythm of the music and the vibe of the dancing crowd. 

    Adding maybe a fresh juice or some raw cacao drink, gave us the natural burst of delicious energy, and then we danced the dance of the conscious (which believe me connects you to true self).
    When you dance with alcohol and drugs you alter the perception of reality, softening fears of being judged or how we appear to be great dancers (enter facebook the next day…did I really do that, when i felt like that!).

    Come and dance how you like... stomping, skipping, dancing what ever! You may feel self conscious for a few moments, like i did on my first encounter into sober dancing at conscious clubs, but this passed. I wanted to enter the collective energy that came from the drug and alcohol free space. So we invite you to just drop into the music and let the rest follow……………

    Come alone or with friends, but do buy tickets before hand as this is limited to a set number.
    Tickets £10

    Address Gaunts House, Petersham Ln, GauntsWimborne BH21 4JQ
    if lost call 07929 379918