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    Surfing Your Inner Net - Carolyn Shanti

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    The various situations that we blame for causing stress in our lives, are not the primary cause of the stress that we experience.  Rather stress arises from a deeper internal disturbance within.  Stress is within not outside. Awareness and experience of this pattern within us which causes stress, is the way to reduce its intensity and its effect on us. As this happens we can come out of the fixed melody that rules our lives and have the freedom to be in the ‘now’.   So, let us ‘Surf the Inner Net’ These workshops have already been created and conducted in India for three years, by the renowned international healer, author, teacher and homeopathic physician, Dr Rajan Sankaran.  Carolyn Shanti will be offering these courses both in the U.K and the U.S.A this year. In the U.K, this course will be offered in May and October in the lovely, thoughtfully created environment of Gaunt’s House in Dorset.  It will leave within you a feeling of being inspired, deeply nourished and grateful to have had the experience.  The workshop explores how the creative processes of meditation, painting, sound, music, doodling, words, writing, dancing and sharing, effectively aids in coping with illness, stress and trauma; resolving conflicts and problems, developing interpersonal and social skills; managing behavior; achieving insight and increased self-esteem.  This workshop deeply digs into the elements that contribute to both personal and collective wellness, which shape our exploration of the nature of compassion, gratitude, resilience, joy and other aspects of living whole heartedly in the moment and thus create substantial happiness within.

    The course is open to everyone, participant numbers are limited to 20 people.

    Carolyn Shanti is a healer, trainer and author.  Her first book is being published this year.  Carolyn holds a master’s degree in social work and has practiced for fifteen years in public hospitals in England and Australia, working with people suffering from cancer, patients in palliative care, neurology and traumatic brain injury.  She taught at Melbourne Carolyn Shanti M.A University in Australia for nearly four years.  In 1982 she trained as a holistic healer and held a practice in New York and London for sixteen years, seeing patients and teaching healing and the Bach Flower Essences.  She taught at the New York Open Center in Manhattan.  She has published numerous articles on social issues and some articles on holistic healing and the world of homeopathic medicine. Since 2014 Carolyn has studied and trained with Dr Rajan Sankaran at ‘the other song’, his ‘International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy’ in Mumbai.  From May of this year, Carolyn will be offering lectures and workshops in the United Kingdom and the U.S.A, courses that incorporate training developed by Dr Sankaran called ‘Surfing Your Inner Net’ based on the W.I.S.E (Witnessing the Inner Song Experience), processes Dr Sankaran has developed to help people to understand core inner patterns and reactions.

    Cost for the weekend, including meals, is from £299 for a shared room.  Single & ensuite available please ask for details.  For bookings please email Gaunts House.