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    Northern Drum - One year Shamanic Training (part 6)

    Traditionally the focus of the shaman is the art of healing, and our one-year training reflects that. The shaman heals, not by his or her own power but by becoming a channel for higher forces that flow through the shaman to the person who needs healing. Native Americans call this ‘the hollow bone’, and in the Far East it’s called becoming ‘the hollow bamboo’. It requires that you surrender, so that you become an empty vessel through which spirit can work.

    Embarking on this shamanic training will lead you into a powerfully transformative personal healing journey, enabling you to become a clear vessel for spirit. To become the hollow bone we first need to heal our heart and mind, and on this training you will use earth-based universal, spiritual ways to bring yourself into balance.

    The training provides a sound, safe, grounded and comprehensive understanding of the basic healing skills and knowledge you will need to practice shamanic healing, if that is what you, and spirit, decide to do.

    We will work as a tribe, the way the old people did, and feel the safety, holding and reflection of this healing dynamic. Individuals will be guided according to their needs and encouraged to achieve their fullest potential within the circle.

    Over six workshops you will be introduced to these ancient arts: soul retrieval; extraction; how to heal fear, both personal and global; spiritual blessings; cleansing and purification of houses; healing with plant and tree spirits; shamanic dreaming; the cycles of life and death, including how to work with people who are dying; psychopomp work; ancestral contact and the breaking of ancestral curses and patterns; divination; and working with nature spirits.

    The training is for beginners as well as those who already work with the principles of shamanism and want to go deeper.

    For further information please see Northern Drum website.