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  • Thu

    Qigong retreat

    This retreat is for anyone who is curious about or who would like to deepen their understanding of Qigong.

    Tricia Teahan and Sally Ibbotson are dedicated Qigong Teachers and practitioners with some 50 years' experience between them!!

    They have worked together for the last 4 years running London based workshops and retreats.  This is the 3rd retreat that they will hold at Gaunt's House.

    The retreat is suitable for complete beginners and those who are wanting to take time out to focus and practice Qigong in the company of like-minded people.

    They will be offering formal Qigong tuition, some self-healing techniques, meditation and plenty of time in Nature.

    Increasingly the movement therapy of choice for those wishing to combine mindfulness with physicality, Qigong is becoming popular amongst healthcare professionals as well as individuals.

    Qigong is easy to learn, however a lifetime of challenges wait for those who wish to build a regular daily practice – it is deceptively simple and yet has great depth and power. Qigong is highly adaptable, fitting into the busiest of lifestyles and also opening paths to an understanding of mindfulness and Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

    The retreat participants will be made up of past attendants and people teaching Qigong in, for example, NHS settings, There will therefore be plenty of opportunities for Teachers and students to personalize learning so that it is highly appropriate and effective.

    There will be time for reflection and for one to one sessions with the retreat leaders.

    A full schedule is available on request and a booking form can be found at -  go to the Qigong Retreat page.

    For further information please telephone Sally on 0798 004 6815 or email Tricia at