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  • Thu

    Breathe Your Body Alive: an Osho Pulsation workshop

    Led by Aneesha Dillon.

    Osho Pulsation is breath and emotional release therapy for emotional and spiritual development. It is a vivid and multifaceted journey of discovery for body, mind and soul. Our body knows deep truths and sometimes it holds deep tensions. This work is  opportunity to discover your inner self  through voice, breathing, movement, dance and contact. The breath in particular is a sure guide through tensions into joy and delight. We will follow this guide in many ways to release energies, shake off blockages,  feel our aliveness, and go deeper into meditation.

    Aneesha Dillon, the creator of Osho Pulsation, is one of the world's most experienced breath therapists. She travels internationally, leading workshops in every continent.  She holds the space strongly but gently, so that you can be together with your breathing and make your own discoveries.

    Cost £400, with substantial early-bird discount

    Bookings and all enquiries: Islam Andrew White,

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