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  • Wed

    Valentines Gong Bath with Scania

    7pm - 9pm

    Here is your alternative Valentines Evening.....

    An evening where i invite you to eat chocolate, lay down, relax and let the gong wash over you and fall in love with yourself!

    In falling love with ourselves, we shine our light and the love spreads to our friends, family, work collegues, communities, districts, cities and beyond.

    Whatever your situation is for Valentine’s Day, be it a couple or single, I invite you to consider that this is actually the perfect time to fall in love with yourself.

    You may find you are constantly taking care of others without any time for yourself, so another reason to come to this evening.

    We often look to others for validation or the love that we desire. We don’t want to invest in ourselves or make us a priority.

    Come and join Scania at Gaunts House for a Gong Bath of Love


    Doors open at 6:00 (Gaunts Coffee shop will be open if you wish to purchase teas etc)

    Gong Session starts at 7:30-8:30 in the theatre

    8:30 Chocolate hearts, love infused water and Goodbyes 

    £15 includes Gong Bath and heart chocolate

    - please bring extra money for the coffee shop.


    All enquiries and to book, please contact Scania.