Events & Courses

  • Tue
    7:30 pm

    Sue Holmes

    Train to be a professional space clearing consultant.

    IPHM-accredited professional training: 'space transformation: space clearing and harmonisation of homes, offices and land'.

    Space clearing can transform homes, business premises and land by clearing negative historical imprints and stagnant energy; purifying, harmonising and fine-tuning the space to support well-being and aspirations.

    For further details and to book, please contact firehorse directly.

  • Sat
    10:30 amGaunts House


    Vegan lunch, teas and coffees included.

    Gaunts House, Scania, Heike and Gaby would like to invite you to a day of deeper connection to nature and self. Drawing on the therapeutic power of mindfulness, ecotherapy, meditation and Sound.

    The day will begin by harnessing the therapeutic power of the natural world by exploring the grounds of Gaunts House using nature based activities. Being in natural surroundings has a positive effect on our wellbeing. In modern day, nature and human minds have traditionally been separated… so the day begins exploring, connecting and bringing the inner child into play…

    We will move on to Forest Bathing (walking meditation in woods) this is “shinrin-Yoku” (taking the atmosphere of the forest) recent research has shown that people that forest bathe experience lower levels of the stress hormones cortisol after their walks in the forest.

    We then come back together to enjoy a Vegan Lunch (included in the price of the ticket)

    In the afternoon we Join Heike and her amazing drums and percussion instruments for a drumming circle and end the day with Scania and the Gongs

    The Gong and Drum provides an psychoacoustic gateway to heightened states of awareness and consciousness. It is an ideal tool for stress reduction, stimulation of the glandular system, and to break up emotional blockages. When skilfully played, gongs stimulate and resonate all cells in the human body simultaneously and recalibrate the parasympathetic nervous system.

    The Gongs and Drums will create a sacred space, they may allow us to attune our energies and link with our higher selves. During this Gong and Drum afternoon we can be reminded of the fact that in spite of outward appearances, we are really beings of light occupying physical bodies. The gong and drum sessions will allow time and space to connect with that divine-light energy in order to recharge our “spiritual batteries”

    Spaces limited. Booking essential through



  • Wed
    5:00 pm

    The Zenways mindfulness and meditation teacher training is unique. It is rooted in the Rinzai Zen tradition. This has a long and distinguished history of teaching meditation for boosting physical and mental health and wellbeing, as well as for grounding, insight, and self-understanding.


    For further information and to book please contact Zenways directly.






  • Sun
    7.30pm - 10pm

    Hosted by Gaunts House and Scania and the Gongs

    Join us at Gaunts House on New Years Eve for this unique Psychoacoustic immersive performance in a drink and drug free environment.

    The Arkam Project is a unique and mindful musical performance that contains music compositions of both live acoustic pieces and digital elements, conveyed in a surround sound immersive environment. The live acoustic element is performed with Gongs played by Scania Price and digital audio elements composed by Mark O’Sullivan.

    The digital music is written in 432Hz and contains binaural beats delivered through a 4 speaker system surround sound format which offers a truly immersive and very deep meditative experience. Notes of G, A, B, C, D, E, and F bathe the body in sound and activate the chakra system, effectively washing sound from your base though to the crown, in long evolving sweeps and deep tones. Other sounds also pan from left to right and front to back giving a spiralling effect, taking you on your journey. The root note of this meditation is C for the heart, so this New Years Eve performance will be based on Love for Humanity and the planet. Scania and Mark invite you to this two hour live performance ,which as far as we know is the first of it’s kind to be delivered through a 4 speaker system surround sound format offering a truly exciting, immersive and deep meditative experience.

    Mark Has been a DJ since 1982, Has studied medicine techniques in the US and is a practitioner in the ancient healing arts and has studied amplified healing with Quan Yin. He received a BA with honours in Sound Engineering & Music Production at Dbs in Bristol in 2017, Since then Mark developed an audio company Arkam Media and worked with many artists. Mark utilises body energy observations and the effects of sound waves on the human body to develop his music for healing.

    Doors Open 7:30 and the performance starts at 8pm-10:00pm followed by fruit and Goodbyes. We will offer you a candle to take away with you, so you can welcome the New Year in, in what ever way you wish.
    Bring something super comfy to lay on, blanket and pillow.
    Price is £25 (concessions available) booking is essential as there are limited spaces. You can book through