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    This nine day event will bring in many professional artists from all over Europe to provide a very rich and exciting program of dance and music workshops, concerts and bals.So far Hot Griselda, Eelgrinders, Tondo (Gilles Chabenat, Maarten Decombel, Fred Pouget), Ciac Boum, HRD, Lyset i forsen, trio Roblin/Evain/Badeau, Naragonia, Steve & Marion, Benoit Guerbigny, Julien Barbances, Rémi Geffroy, Gabriel Lenoir have confirmed their coming.

    Dance workshop teachers include : Leif & Margareta Virtanen (Swedish dances), Anne-Cécile Dubois (tango and more), Maria Guerbigny (Lindy hop), Mike &Heidi Gibbs (rueda), Gabriel Lenoir (Dances from Wallony) & more (polska, Poitou, Bretagne, French mazurka...

    Bookings will be open from 1st May 2018.

    Prebooking enquiries : contact John at

    Prices - Winter 2019
    What's included
    For a full day, several days, half event or full event, the prices given below include ALL food, accommodation, general workshops, concerts, bals, tea, coffee, cakes and midnight nibbles.
    Linen and bedding will be supplied for participants staying more than two nights.

    Accommodation in the main house
    Full nine day event £630
    Day rate £80
    4 days or more, per day £70
    Accommodation in the Stables and Cottages
    Full nine day event £585
    Day rate £75
    4 days or more, per day £65
    Camping and hard standing
    Full nine day event £450
    Day rate £60
    4 days or more, per day £50
    Prices without accommodation or food
    These prices are for participants who have not taken advantage of the all inclusive prices given above.

    Day Rates
    Full day and evening (no food or accommodation) £35
    Evening only from 5 pm £20
    Evening Bal from 8 pm £15
    Daytime occupancy at Gaunts House £20
    Booking and payment
    On receipt of your reservation by email to John subject the winter School at an invoice will be raised and sent to you by e-mail giving details of how to make payment.

    All cancellations will be refunded in full up until February the 1st.

    Please make sure you reserve your place, even if you are coming just for the evening bal, please let us know, it makes life so much easier.

    Children - free festival activities
    under the age of 7 - no charge
    between the ages of 7-12 half price food and full price accommodation.
    between the ages of 12-15 full price food and accommodation.
    These allowances relate to one child to one adult.

    Children are welcome but must be supervised at all times

    Please don't arrive with your dogs or pets as they are not allowed

    For more information please visit







  • Sat
    6:30 pm

    Gaunts House invites you for a sit down dinner followed by an intimate concert in the Ballroom from Jeremy Johnson.

    British singer songwriter Jeremy Johnson combines poetic narrative songwriting, sonorous vocals and accomplished guitar melodies in his powerful, intricately constructed music.

    Jeremy’s first self released album ‘32nd Orbit’ enjoyed significant local radio play in the midlands on both BBC Introducing and Touch FM, leading to a BBC interview at BBC Introducing Live by DJ Andrew Marston. Right now Jeremy is working on his second album with producer Simon Britcliffe (Snow Patrol, Keane) at Decoy Studios in Suffolk which is due for general release in March 2019. Just the right time to come and play us some of his new music at Gaunts House.

    The bar will be open for the evening for refreshments.

    Please contact 01202 841 522 for more information about this event.

    Tickets must be prebooked by contacting Gaunts House or are available here








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    "I have learned a LOT about me this weekend."

    "It felt very safe and contained."    "Great love and humour."

    "Being validated was so beneficial."

    "I feel deeply privileged to have benefited from your learnings, watch out world!"

    "It was empowering, supportive and I learned so much."

    "Thank you for setting up a wonderful, powerful space for transformation."

    "Just THE best weekend."

    To celebrate Spring Equinox & following the resounding
    success of the Autumn retreat, the magnificent
    Gaunts House is hosting a second women’s wellbeing
    weekend led by JoRae, Alchemy Woman.

    Co-facilitated with Michelle Beagley, Body Rhythms, we will
    hold space for sacred circle time, women’s hormonal health
    focusing on reclaiming our Maiden years;  which also align,
    mirror & synthesise with Second Spring, our Menopause;
    an empowerment spell, budding creativity session;
    along with a Seeding Drumming Journey & en-chanting!
    All this & daily stretch n' movement, Friday night Ecstatic disco,
    a profound Sound Bath on Saturday night, culminating
    on Sunday with a Spring Rites of Passage Ceremony.

    This weekend is all about YOU.

    Gaunts House is a place of peace & deep learning, a natural
    & ideal setting for you to be nurtured & held. With amazing
    vegetarian menus, catering for any dietary requirements
    & warm comfy rooms, you will be served with love & care.

    I am a holistic women’s practitioner & I have put this
    weekend together to offer you access to two awesome
    sassy, sacred, profound, & profane women & our own unique
    offerings for growth, deep connection, self-care, self-love!
    Before we can authentically serve others,
    we must first be whole & well ourselves.

    As women, we are not routinely being educated to do this.
    This weekend will focus on providing you with a toolkit
    to fill with the practices of those of us who have explored,
    tried & tested insightful yet often simple techniques &
    found them to be both healing & wholesome.

    We are SO excited to offer you this sacred, safe space to
    share, to explore & learn from each other there present.

    It will also include time for you to take some space
    in the ancient surroundings or chose to book one of
    only two 1-1  bodywork or reiki sessions with Michelle.

    Our programme is packed with mind, body & spiritual
    practices & a whole heap of fun!
    Laughter after all is so very healing.
    For when women sit together, it is magic,
    it is pure alchemy!

    To Book a place on this retreat call Gaunts House on 01202 841 522 or email

    All other enquiries about the even please contact-


    Alchemy Woman
    Women's Health, Hormonal & Wellbeing Coach

    07769 225 086

    Twitter: #alchemywoman
    Facebook: @alchemywomancoaching





  • Fri

    Join Michelle Oliver as she returns to the beautiful surroundings of Gaunts House in Dorset for a weekend of nourishment for mind & body.
    You're Guaranteed lots of laughter as we unite together to enjoy the wonderful joys of yoga.
    There will be morning meditation sessions. Twice daily yoga classes and of course not forgetting yoga Nidra in the evenings.
    Oh and lots of time to relax and unwind and soak up the glorious countryside!
    Do as much or as little as you like !!


    Michelle Oliver

    Sivananda Yoga Teacher
    Thai Yoga Massage Therapist







  • Thu

    This Retreat offers an opportunity to refresh and revive your mind, body and spirit, working with two highly experienced Qigong teachers in this beautiful venue. Known as ‘mindful movement’ or ‘moving meditation’, Qigong is a gentle, relaxing and strengthening exercise which helps calm the mind and enliven the body. The retreat is suitable for all levels – beginners or experienced Qigong practitioners.

    Sally Ibbotson and Tricia Teahan are skilled and experienced Teachers of Qigong and this is the fourth retreat they have led together.

    Sally and Tricia will be teaching at a relaxed pace over the retreat days.

    Our aim is to teach you, through demonstration and working together with you, a gradual step by step approach to the Elemental work, based on both our experiences, so that by the end of the retreat you will have a complete sequence to practice on your own.

    The Qigong movements we will cover are based on the Five Elements Theory - a Chinese philosophy used to describe interactions and relationships between things. The five elements — Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire — are believed to be the fundamental elements of everything in the universe between which interactions occur. Each Element will have a series of movements and walks.

    The schedule is flexible, and pace is often dictated by the participants’ needs. The most important aim is that you enjoy the movements and walks and allow yourself to move and flow with ease as you practice. There will be time for reflection with breaks throughout the day, as well as time to enjoy some walks in nature in the beautiful grounds of Gaunt's House or a swim (there is an open-air swimming pool on the grounds).

    A ‘You Tube’ video of some of the work will be available after the retreat.


    "I felt relaxed and uplifted… great teaching, flexible schedule and appropriate 'time out’..."

    "Your instructions were clear and the You Tube videos provided great back up after the retreat"

    " I so enjoyed the venue and was pleased to work outside."


    Sally is a professional Qigong Instructor leading classes in the NHS and for Open Age, an organisation addressing isolation in older adults.  She is qualified in teaching Qigong for rehabilitation and in practising and teaching Massage. She has also taught Qigong to employees, for Corporations, and in residential care homes.  She is also a Shiatsu Practitioner and Massage Therapist working mainly in the area of Women’s health.  

    Tricia has studied and practised Qigong for over 20 years and draws her enthusiasm and interest from some of her great teachers throughout the years, notably Thalbert Allen of the College of Elemental Chi Kung and Zhixing Wang of Hua Gong.  Tricia is also a professional Craniosacral therapist and a Shiatsu Practitioner.  Her main areas of work have been with Breast Cancer Haven London, City Lit Adult Education and with senior groups at Community Centres and Open Age.


    o Three nights (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) accommodation or camping at Gaunts House

    o All meals (from dinner on Thursday evening to lunch on Sunday) and all snacks, coffee and tea

    o All tuition


    Early Bird discount of £25 applies if you pay before 18th February.

    Price per person:

    o Shared room (2/3 people) - £496​​

    o Single own use room - £541

    o Single en-suite - £571

    o Double en-suite - £545

    o Camping (own bedding)- £395​​


    For more information- including booking form, schedule and biographies - please contact:    

    Booking form available online at








  • Fri

    We welcome you to a Sound Medicine healing retreat weekend with Scania and Heike at the beautiful setting of Gaunts House in Wimborne, Dorset. This weekend you will nourish your Mind Body and Spirit. We will play together in rhythm, relax into the sounds of gongs and bowls, dance ecstatically, create a memento, sing and drum by the fire and share the joy of time spent in the company of friends – new and old. Both Scania and Heike are local to the area and have held many workshops at Gaunts which has fabulous grounds, a lake, woodland and a pool which can all be enjoyed exclusively by the group . We shall gather to celebrate the summer season and enjoy time and space at this lovely place, with full board - home made delicious vegetarian (or optional vegan) food a full program of sound healing, rhythm, fire & ceremony

    Friday Evening: Dinner and introduction circle.

    Relaxing Gong Bath and Mediation

    Saturday: Morning meditation, journeying, Music medicine circle, sound healing, craft session and gratitude flower ceremony.

    Saturday Evening/Night: Mid-Summer fire Ceremony, Drumming and Dance

    Sunday: Medicine Drumming Circle, Sound Healing, Forest Bathing and Walking the Labyrinth, voice and sound journey and Gong Bath.

    It’s been on our radar for a while now to create an immersive & healing retreat. To allow individuals to take time for themselves within a beautiful space, surrounded with nature, freedom and flexibility. To offer an accessible affordable space that people can come to reboot, rebalance and reintegrate .

    In circle and alone, using all elements (fire, wind, earth, water and air) we experience Sound Medicine and access Portals into our depths. With the support of Scania and Heike and our retreat family, this journey is possible to allow you to relax and come back home to yourself transformed.

    We will acknowledge that we have just passed the Summer Solistice when this retreat starts.This open and perfect place is perfect to access visible connection between sky and earth, body and soul for deep Gong work, drumming, singing, healing and celebration. You are welcome to have private retreat time as well as integration when you want it.

    We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. You can do all of the workshops or dip in when you feel like it. It is after all your retreat time.

    The intention behind this Sound Medicine retreat is to dive into the healing alchemy of sound medicine. Sound healing is rooted in the principle that everything in existence is made of micro-vibrations and to keep our body/heart/mind in good health it makes sense to keep ourselves in tune. Through vocal practices, healing instruments, intention and tuning ourselves back into nature, we are able to bring ourselves back into vibrational alignment.

    This retreat is suitable for all adults and all levels of experience, all we need is an open heart. Great care will be taken to ensure that everyone feels they have support and feels safe and comfortable at all times.


    * Two nights (Friday and Saturday) accommodation or camping at Gaunts House

    * All meals (beginning with dinner on Friday evening) and all snacks, coffee, tea in-between meals ends with Lunch on Sunday

    * Participation in all workshops, gatherings, circles, ceremonies and events


    Shared Accommodation

    Early Bird Price £275 (deposit £50)

    After 31st March £325 Full Price

    Single occupancy with shared bathroom (only 4 of these)

    early bird ticket £301 (deposit £50)

    After 31st March price £350

    Single en suite room (only 4 of these)

    early bird ticket £325 (deposit £50)

    After 31st March £375

    Double or twin en suite room (only 1 of these)

    per person early bird £275 (£50 x2) deposit)

    Price after 31st March £325


    early bird ticket £ 175. (£50 deposit)

    - After 31st March regular price £ 205

    Please note rooms come on a first come first served basis.

    All deposits are non refundable.

    registration & information

    About us:

    Scania is a Sound Healing Practitioner and Psychotherapist Find out more about Scania at and the Heike leads drumming groups and at Festivals all over the country.


    – Balances our nervous system
    – Improves mental clarity
    – Enhances creativity
    – Helpful in meditation + dream-work
    – Helpful in stress relief
    – Pain management, due to endorphin release
    – Boosts immunity
    – Can provide relief of anxiety, stress, depression
    – Helps bring healing to areas of physical upset

    – Helps with insomnia and sleep disorders
    – Provides states of deep relaxation