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A Summer celebration of Yoga, Music, Healing and Dance.

We invite you to join us for our annual summer festival. Jam packed with yoga & meditation workshops, sound baths, live music and stalls. We aim to gather people together to celebrate, learn and most importantly have fun in a spiritually charged location, within the peaceful Dorset countryside.

To book your tickets please click the poster above, it’ll take you to our Eventbrite page where you can purchase the tickets with a variety of payment options. These tickets are for entry and camping only. If you would like to book accommodation in the house please call us on 01202 841522 or email us:

Accommodation in the house will need to be booked separately, see below for rates:

Shared Room 4 Nights – Adult – £140

Shared Room 4 Nights – Teen 13-17yrs – £70

Shared Room 4 Nights – Child 3-8yrs – £35

Single Room 4 Nights – Adult – £200

Single Room 4 Nights – Teen 13-17yrs – £100

Single Room 4 Nights – Child 3-8yrs – £50

Single En-Suite 4 Nights – Adult – £240

Single En-Suite 4 Nights – Teen 13-17yrs – £120

Single En-Suite 4 Nights – Child 3-8yrs £60

Shared En-Suite 4 Nights – Adult – £220

Shared En-Suite 4 Nights – Teen 13-17yrs – £110

Shared En-Suite 4 Nights – Child 3-8yrs – £55


See you there !!!



Back To Your Roots

Natural gardening and sustainability course every Wednesday and last Saturday of every month.



Topics include:

Garden Seating


Perma Culture Principles

Water Saving & Distribution

What to plant, when, how & with what

Companion Planting

Organic Pest Control & Disease Mitigation

Harvesting, Storing, Preserving

Upcycling & Much More…

£30 For the day which includes a vegetarian lunch.


Holistic Fair

Click to see whats on!

To keep up to date with the latest information please join our event page here:

On the 9th April Saturday at Gaunts House we are going to have a Holistic Fair, the great thing about this one is its FREE! Free to get in, free to come and show your wares, free to be a therapist and free to do a workshop. It gets better…. we even have a Free evening event you can come to. Phew!!!

What we are trying to create is a more community feel, where the people that come to this event will hopefully meet each other again and again in the future. We are all part of this community called life and we want to know you.

What we are looking to achieve is building relationships with like minded people that share great therapies, make really cool stuff and teach us great things in their workshops. We want to work with the movers and the shakers, the extra milers and the gentle teachers. Each person that comes will be unique in what they do so not creating a clutter of same things to see and do. Building relationships with therapist that we may use in the future to become part of our holistic team.

We are going to open our doors here at Gaunts House to let people use our space for really great events, classes and workshops in the future. Events and workshops that are affordable for our local community to take part in and be the facilitators in beautiful surroundings.
So if you are free on the 9th April and you want to take part let me know
or if you want to come to the event then pop it in your diary.